All you've ever wanted to know about John Noe (But didn't know who to ask)

John Noe is often heard as the "knowledgeable" techie on the Pottercast segments published weekly by John Noe is a 21 year old Potter fan whos been a Leaky staffer since 2003.

Currently transitioning between two universities, he has been spending most of his time as of late dodging hurricanes in the Florida Keys. When not catering to Melissa every whim with Leaky projects, he occasionally takes on other freelance web and graphic design, and STILL hopes to eventually find time to get something up at (which hes owned since last Christmas¦ how sad¦).

You may have also heard him on Pottercast, of which hes responsible for producing, editing, and the occasional mindless guest star contribution. This is where he has allowed the Potter fandom to laugh at his misfortune with his potter inaccuracies.

He is a photographer when not working on TLC (which is often much since he works incredibly hard there.) His last name is pronounced similar to Doughy, not dough.
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P.S. If you want someone to make you meatballs, John Noe is not your guy. (However if you like meatballs and fire, he is the person you should go to)


Quick John Noe facts:



John Noe is not a Taco Bell fan (as he has referred to it both as "Taco Hell" and "Taco Smell")




John is a big Abba fan (Although he denies this). This love started when John Sturnando Noe once stumbled upon an ABBA record and saw a song called Fernando. He found the title intriguing since if you said it really fast several times, it sounded like his middle name. While walking back from the store, he passed a theatre where Mamma Mia was currently playing. He had nothing better to do that day, so he decieded to check it out and see if he might hear that Fernando song again. And we all know what happened after that! (Thanks to MadameSuede for this investigative work)



John is obsessed with Jell-O Pudding and Bill Cosby (who he wants to meet someday so Mr. Cosby can sign his special spoon which is used for Jello only)


He was horrified when he learned that his ship (the H/HR ship) did not sail.



Thinks that Snape is good (which means that there is a 99% chance that Snape is bad), and that Alan Rickman portrays Snape pretty well.



Will admit he likes Queen


(Queen, the Queen...It's all the same)


John just turned 21 on September 7th and is currently living in the Florida Keys



His favorite color is blue



His favorite Harry Potter book is Goblet of Fire (Possibly because of the appearance of the Deathmunchers at the end)



Judy Blume is his favorite author of Judy Blume books



John loved the Lord of the Rings movies (quite possibly due to the fact he was an elf in his past life)



John (like Michael Jordan) is a Boxers kind of guy



John is a "shameless Hussy" for Chipotle Burritos



His website can be found at where hopefully someday you can see his great work


H/HR ship picture done by the wonderful Kyrane

disclaimer: Most of this stuff was made up by someone who met John once in a crowded Barnes and Noble, where she talked to John for about 10 seconds (and got a hug, flowers, and a picture taken with him, but she's not bragging) Therefore most of this information is blatantly made up or paraphrased from other sources. Unfortunately (for some of its members) this Fan Club has no association with John Noe.

Updated 31 January 2006
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